Friday, July 14, 2006

In Which I Apologize

Yes, there have been few posts this week, and those have been short. I've spent a lot of hours doing World Fantasy judging stuff (and, no, I can't tell you anything about it -- watch for the nominees list next month) and, of course, the actual job thing.

So I was hoping for a nice mindless meme for a Friday, to help make a nice long post. Unfortunately, the one running around the LJ/blog world right now (no links; if you're reading this you've probably seen it at least three times by now) is about TV shows.

Now, I'm not a TV snob, really. But I really don't watch very much of it, and haven't for ages now. And posting a long list of TV shows in roman type doesn't strike me as terribly useful. So I'll keep looking for something to babble about. (Maybe it's time to drag out the aborted post about editors' lies? No, I think that one needs to wait until I'll be incommunicado for a week or so -- maybe Worldcon time.)

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