Friday, October 17, 2008

Not Picking on Chuck Asay This Time

I wrote about Chuck Asay's editorial cartoons last week, and characterized him then (by implication) as unstoppably right-wing in his cartooning. Well, I was wrong.

Today's cartoon is a direct poke at Bush, Paulson, and Bernanke (all basically recognizable, even though two of them are in 3/4 view). And that's a damn good bear, too, with a fine expression.

So Asay is clearly capable of making his shots where he sees them, which is all I ask of an editorial cartoonist. He's had an awful lot of cartoons recently blaming Barney Frank and Chris Cox for the subprime mess -- and some of it can fall at Congress's feet, but there are plenty of Executive Branch agencies whose job it is to police the markets -- but that's par for the course on his side of the aisle.

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Robert Hutchinson said...

1) I somehow missed your earlier post on Asay. (thwaps Google Reader)

2) One could argue that he's also getting in a subtle (if vague and belated) dig on the McCain campaign, with the lipstick line.

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