Monday, October 06, 2008

This Year's Family-Trip Playlist

Every year, the family packs up in the car and goes to Hershey Park, at least once a year. It's about a four hour drive, so I usually (at least for the last four years) also make a new mix CD of music I know or think everyone will like to make the ride go more quickly.

This year's Hershey Park trip is quickly coming up -- we're going in a couple of weeks for their special Halloween season. (If you're anywhere nearby, I recommend this time of year highly -- the prices are a bit lower, nearly all of the rides are open, and the crowds are tiny. Plus, it's cool but not cold and amusement parks are always better after dark anyway.)

And so I've been working on this year's CD. Because I'm boring consistent, this one will be named Hershey Mix 2008, in line with the titles of all of the others. I realized that I can share that playlist, for the two of you who care (and who will probably jeer), through the magic of an Amazon widget.

I'll take the jeering; I like playing with widgets.

Amazon's MP3 store isn't perfect -- nothing is -- and it's specifically imperfect in missing four of the songs that will be on my CD. For those of you playing at home, those are:
Other than that, this is what the CD will sound like in our minivan in about twelve days...

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