Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Quiet Weekend

Everything may look serene on the surface, but don't be fooled.

I'm going to be going on a long vacation -- seven days with the family to see "the Mouse" at his Florida home -- in just over a week, so there's actually frantic activity going on behind the scenes here at Antick Musings HQ.

For instance, over this weekend I wrote four book reviews for this blog (all currently scheduled to be published while I'm away) and two for ComicMix (coming up tomorrow and Wednesday), on top of the usual big Monday "Reviewing the Mail" extravaganza. So, although this channel has been pretty quiet, I've actually been very busy.

But this post is really just so something has this date-stamp on it; I have a mania about posting every day, even if there isn't anything to say.

Oh, here's one bit of news I don't know if I mentioned: I'm not going to World Fantasy. It's too far, too expensive, and the flights are too complicated. (Not to mention that I'd have to come back right after the banquet, sleep a few hours, and then fly back out with the family to Orlando.) Not this year, I'm afraid. But I do want to try to make it to San Jose next year (although, if I remember my business travel schedule correctly, I think I'm going to be in San Francisco only two weeks later, which is annoying).

If you drink heavily in memory of me -- and of all those who couldn't manage to schlep to Calgary this year -- the World Fantasy Gods will be please, if not appeased.


Di Francis said...

I won't make it this year either. Bummer too, because I likely could have driven. Sigh. But plan to be there next year. Maybe see the Sharks play. Have fun with the mouse. Hope your feet don't get sore.

Unknown said...

Note the new dates for WFC 2009: October 29-November 1, 2009

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