Sunday, May 09, 2010

Amazon Lightning Round!

I was away most of this past week, meeting and socializing with my colleagues down in the swamps of Florida, and my e-mail has piled up because of that. Amazon, in particular, has a whole bunch of things that they want me to hector you folks about. So, in case any of these deals look good to any of you -- I don't judge what other people want to buy; I just want my cut of it if at all possible -- here's what I can offer:

For some reason I don't really understand, Amazon's shoes-and-accessories biz runs under the name, rather than being yet another random tab on the main store. Right now, there's a big sale on Men's dress shoes, accessories, and watches. They also are all excited about their all-shoes Bridal Guide. And there's a regular page with special deals on Fridays.

They also recently announced that peons like me will now get a kick-back on Kindle books, not just the device. (Which will help eliminate one of the reasons ebooks were annoying me, at least.)

So, I'm not going to tell you that you have to go buy something. But, if you are going to buy something, and you're planning to do so from Amazon, please use somebody's affiliate code (I used to use Locus's code, back in my book-club days, when I ordered a lot of skiffy). It doesn't have to be mine...though, of course, I'd prefer that.

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