Friday, May 07, 2010

Another Successful Sales Conference

I got back this afternoon, tired but energized, from Wiley's big May Sales Conference. It was even more festive than usual, because the head of our division -- no, the man who built our division from scratch over the past 25 years, with jaw-dropping organic growth and a number of huge acquisitions (Jossey-Bass, Hungry Minds) along the way -- was retiring, plus all indications are that the fiscal year just ended was a good one. (Official numbers aren't available yet, but they will be, before long -- Wiley is a public company, and will have the usual required reporting. I don't speak for the company in any capacity, so don't take my statements as anything official, blah blah blah insert boilerplate legalese here.)

I've worked with great teams before -- I'd stack up most of my book-club editorial colleagues over the years with the best of anybody in publishing -- but Wiley is that real rarity, a healthy and focused organization. It's a true joy to get together with colleagues from all over the world, and realize that we all have the same focus and goals -- such was not always the case, even for more closely-working teams, during prior parts of my career.

Anyway, I got to talk about some great books that are coming out later this year, and chat with a lot of great people from Sales about strategies and plans, what's working and what isn't. (And rather more frivolous things as well, especially when last night's end-of-Sales-Conference dinner/party ran well into the morning.)

But I hear you say: "Aren't you just gloating, Andy Wheeler? Surely this is good news for you, but why should we care?"

To which I reply: "Ah! But Wiley is currently looking for another Marketing Manager, for the Frommer's travel guides! If you have the right skills, you could join us! (One of us! One of us!) And don't call me Shirley."

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