Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Eternal Conundrum: What to Read Next?

There are a bunch of things competing for the next slot in my reading schedule, all of about equal importance, so I figured I might as well make it a poll. (I'll start reading something before the poll closes, and probably even before there's any sense of which way the poll is going -- but it would still be interesting to see.)

The Contenders:

What Should the Hornswoggler Read Next?

Vote early, but, please -- do not attempt to vote often! Arguments, pro or con, can also be made in comments.

Update: You don't need to stop voting, but I should probably mention that I'm now reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, which was in the lead when I had to pick, and I see is in the lead again now. Swamplandia! will almost certainly be next, since it's a library book and the clock is already ticking. After that, I may need to set up another poll; it's the rest of those books and then another few (Butcher's Ghost Story, Block's A Drop of the Hard Stuff, and Swanwick's Dancing With Bears) that are already settled in my head. And, unless I can find a way to read vastly quicker than I currently do, that will take me most of the way through the summer.


Rutila said...

None of the above! The Last Werewolf.

melita said...

I opted to vote for one of the Hugo nominees--I need to read them myself!

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