Monday, June 13, 2011

Reviewing the Mail, Week of 6/11

Every week, I post an annotated list here of the books that have arrived in my mail over the past week, trying to tease out what is most interesting -- or, if I'm feeling puckish, what is most funny -- about them, in the hopes that you folks will find things you'd like to read and buy that you didn't know about before.

I do this out of good will for all mankind, and out of a massive sense of guilt from getting free things in the mail.

This week is a slight exception: as I write this, I've been away from home for nine days, and I won't be back for another three, so I clearly can't tell you what's stacked up a couple of thousand miles away from where I am. But I will do so, sometime later this week, and that list will be added below this paragraph as soon as I'm home and have a moment free to do it. So watch this space:

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