Friday, September 14, 2012

Hear Him, Hear Him

Joshua Bilmes is wise about the Hugo ceremony:
If you don't think the Hugo Awards should go on for three hours, and they most certainly should not, you have to do away with the damned clips for the dramatic presentation. If you're going to leave in the clips, then I want people to read one-minute excerpts from the nominated pieces of fiction. Believe it or not, the Hugos are supposed to be a literary award, so none of these damned clips for the dramatic presentations.
 (I wasn't even there, so I have no particular axe to grind.)


Dave Smith said...

Or: they could play book trailers for the Best Novel nominees. That could be cool depending on the quality level of book trailers.

Unknown said...

I'll dispute the wisdom. The 2012 Hugo Awards ceremony wasn't "three hours," unless anything more that two hours (it was around 2h10m) is three hours.

If all we want is quick, why bother having the ceremony at all? Just post the results on the web site and mail the trophies to the winners. That would save money in space rental, too.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Kevin: Well, that's one option. But if the ceremony isn't too long, then why don't the fiction nominees -- which are far more central to the Hugos and the Worldcon -- have an equivalent amount of attention?

The essential point is that the clips stop the Hugo ceremony dead, and shift the center of gravity of that ceremony outside of the community of Worldcon. And it tends to make the case that TV and movies are more important than written SF, which many people -- Bilmes and I among them -- vehemently disagree with.

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