Saturday, September 01, 2012

Read in August

As the summer wound down -- quite obviously so, since there was almost autumn-like weather in my area for most of the month -- I got myself caught back up on writing about the books I read, since I'm obsessive. (If anyone out there wants to harness my powers of reading SF/fantasy/comics for truth and righteousness, give me a buzz.) Here's what did pass in front of my eyeballs over the past thirty-one days:

Charles Stross, The Apocalypse Codex (8/6)

Rachel Klein, editor, Fodor's Los Angeles, 25th Edition (8/6)

Leonard Kinsey, The Dark Side of Disney (8/7)

Matthew Hughes, Costume Not Included (8/9)

Joe Daly, Dungeon Quest, Book Three (8/10)

Rick Steves, Travel As a Political Act (8/15)

Ray Fawkes, Possessions, Book Three: The Better House Trap (8/17)

Carrie Vaughn, After the Golden Age (8/20)

Dave Roman & Justin Green, Teen Boat! (8/20)

Derf Backderf, My Friend Dahmer (8/21)

Matthew Loux, Salt Water Taffy: Caldera's Revenge, Book 2 (8/22)

Lawrence Block writing as Ben Christopher, Strange Embrace (8/22)

Lawrence Block writing as Sheldon Lord, 69 Barrow Street (8/23)

Doug Lansky, The Titanic Awards (8/24)

Chris Strodder, The Disneyland Encyclopedia (8/29)

Michael and Trista Knight, Fodor's Disneyland & Southern California With Kids, 10th Edition (8/31)

I'm almost caught up right now -- with five books to write about, which I can (with any luck) get to over this long weekend. 

Next up: September, when both of my sons go back to school. (Actually, both of them are going to new schools: Thing 1 is a high school freshman, and Thing 2 hits middle school with 6th grade.) I've been warned that I may have to become the homework parent, so we'll see how busy my evenings get.

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