Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hey, have I ever mentioned the webcomic The Non-Adventures of Wonderella here? (I don't think I have.)

Today's installment is particularly fun, with a smart take on the ticking-bomb scenario so beloved by hack writers the world over. And Wonderella is regularly funny, in an often sneaky way (not unlike Sinfest) that works particularly well if you know North American superhero cliches.

OK, OK, the elevator pitch: Wonder Woman is well-meaning, but self-centered and more than a little fond of the bottle. Now go read it.

(The panel I chose isn't even the best bit of this one: the ending is excellent.)

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Gareth said...

I've always thought that there's an obvious approach to the ticking-bomb scenario, if you assume torture is effective. Let someone torture the information out of the captive, then send him to prison for conducting torture. If the information is worth torturing someone, it's worth sending a cop to prison too. That would help to stop torture becoming too common.

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