Friday, January 24, 2014

My Two Favorite Songs

Right at this very moment, I have not one but two favorite songs. (I know! Aren't you happy for me?)

And, through the magic of the Intertubes, I think I can share both of those songs with you right now, since (like everyone else) I assume that anything I like will be universally loved, since my tastes are perfect.

The two songs are very different -- I find that's key when you want to have two favorites at once, he said, not at all sarcastically -- with one being a rocker and the other the kind of moody depressive song I always gravitate towards. Both are by women, which I will use here as proof that I am not sexist rather admitting it was just a random fluke.

First up is "Shameless," the first single from the 2013 album Back to Forever by Lissie. Fair warning: I ended up buying her two records within a month of seeing this performance on Craig Ferguson's late-night show, so it may do the same for you:

And the other one is "Let Me Go," from Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden's new (kickstarted) record The Shape the Color the Feel, which went out to we proud backers a couple of weeks ago and will be generally available on February 11. There's no video at the moment, so I can't embed it, but you can listen to it at

No, no, there's no need to thank me. It's just my civic duty.

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