Monday, January 13, 2014

Speaking of Stupid iTunes Things...

Another one that's been baffling me since the "upgrade" to version 11:

Previously, when you had a playlist set to shuffle, and clicked on the sequence column -- the one with numbers; usually all the way to the left -- it would re-sort that list in the order that it was going to be played.

Now, if you click on sequence, it puts the tracks into no order that can be discerned by the mind of man -- it's not the order they did play or will play, not the order of title or album or artist or year, not ranked by stars or alphabetized by comments.

No, as far as I've been able to guess, those tracks are now ranked by how much Jonny Ive likes them. I have no other theory.

It's yet another way that Apple deliberately removed useful features in moving from iTunes 10 to 11, because, I suppose, we jumped on the furniture so we no longer get nice things.

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