Friday, December 19, 2014

Relative Dimensions in Timey-Wimey

So I've been looking at this here poster -- or a more vertical version, actually -- on my train for the last few weeks, and it finally clicked for me.

(It's actually for a limited-run Broadway production featuring a bunch of Aussie stage magicians.)

This looks like some alternate-world Doctor Who reunion special, maybe for the twentieth anniversary. The Seven Illusionists! The punky Seventh Illusionist must team up with all of his prior incarnations to defeat the most diabolical scheme of The Servant yet! Can they save the galaxy -- and their home planet of Roxilangue -- from her sinister alliance with the Giztor?

And once I saw that, I had to share it with the world.

(My headcanon sequence: the guy in white is First, plaid jacket is Second, chain guy is Third -- and probably the fan sweetheart -- nondescript guy on the far right was Fourth, Trent Reznor wannabe on far left was Fifth, and Lounge Singer of Fifteen Worlds was Sixth and just prior to the central, current Illusionist.)

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