Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Today's Song

I'm not going to claim this one is my current favorite song, like I usually do -- though I did listen to it three times in a row yesterday, if that counts -- but it's bouncy and catchy and I half-expect it to get so popular that I can't stand to hear it anymore.

(That sounded hipster-y, didn't it? Well, I will admit that I don't understand what the mass audience likes in music in general, and that what they like only rarely matches what I like. But Ingrid Michaelson's first single from this current album got a lot of play -- I heard it quite a bit while my pop-radio-listening wife was driving -- so I think this one has a chance. And it sounds like the kind of thing that other people like too. I dunno. I do like it, and hope that I don't hear it so much that I don't like it as much anymore, which happened with "Born to Run" and a thousand other songs that it seems most guys my age will listen to several times a day until they die.)

Anyway, this is Time Machine by Ingrid Michaelson, another tale of regret and bad love:

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