Monday, May 01, 2017

Read in April

Well, that's the cruellest month gone by for another year, so the rest of the year will be a cakewalk, right?

Meanwhile, I ignored the real world for a while this past month by reading the following books, most of which (maybe all of which) I recommend to you. (Hey, I don't know you, do I? Maybe you have an irrational passion against mooncops or, like a friend of mine from high school, have eaten so many hot dogs that the mere sight of one induces mild nausea.)

John Allison and Max Sarin, Giant Days, Vol. 4 (4/3)

Tom Gauld, Mooncop (4/4)

Jiro Taniguchi, A Distant Neighborhood, Vol. 1 (4/10)

Kelly Link, Get in Trouble (4/10)

Paul Tobin and Collen Coover, Bandette, Vol. 3: The House of the Green Mask (4/11)

Lisa Hanawalt, Hot Dog Taste Test (4/12)

P.G. Wodehouse, Bachelors Anonymous (4/12)

Howard Chaykin, Midnight of the Soul (4/19)

Daniel Pinkwater, Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights (4/19)

Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke Allen, and Maarta Laiho, Lumberjanes, Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy (4/20)

Bobby London, Popeye, Vol. 2: 1989-1992 (4/22)

George O'Connor, Ares (4/24)

George O'Connor, Apollo (4/25)

James Wood, How Fiction Works (4/25)

George O'Connor, Artemis (4/26)

I'm setting this post to go live at the usual time, even though I haven't actually written about a number of the books listed above. My entire system may be about to come fulling catastrophically down. (Or maybe not.) Come back next month to see the wreckage, if it does.

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