Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Note About Something No One Is Likely To Notice

So my new PC is right now busy chugging away, trying to repair the internal HD that I know is dying slowly and which I've backed up already three ways from Sunday. [1] (Two external HDs that I already had, plus a spiffy new internal 6TB that I just installed.) It did this for sixteen hours Friday night into Saturday, and it's been running for about twelve hours this time.

I don't want to force it to stop, since that doesn't help and could damage things. But it does mean that I'm not on my primary machine over the weekend, when I want to be typing blog posts and playing video games and (most at the moment) figuring out how to actually get the list of mods I want actually recognized and live in Oblivion.

So I'm typing this on the really unpleasant keyboard of my Macbook Pro -- seriously, it's like punching a piece of aluminum over and over again with your fingertips -- and I'm not expecting to be typing any other blog posts later today because of how annoying that is.

Which is sad, because I have five books I've read that I want to write about, and the last couple of weekends I've managed to write two or three posts each day. (See: now I'm talking about the process, which means it will get smashed immediately.)

Anyway, you won't notice this because I do have posts scheduled for this week, and I expect next weekend will be back to normal. (At worst, because I will shut down the damn thing, open up the case, and just disconnect the stupid drive that I'm not actually using.)

[1] It has been reporting SMART events for nearly two months now. It's definitely on its way out.

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