Saturday, November 07, 2020

My Team Is Hiring!

In case any of you reading this are also in the marketing business, my immediate team in Thomson Reuters is expanding right now. The jobs are listed for the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Dallas metro areas, but, given the world we currently live in, there may be some flexibility on more remote locales.

And when I say "my team," I don't mean "working for me" but I do mean "doing the same thing I'm doing for different products and/or working with me on a daily basis." So take that as a positive or negative as you wish.

(One last note, "Manager" in TR is a slightly higher level title than bog-standard "Marketing Manager" anywhere else -- I moved from being a Marketing Manager at Wiley to a Senior Marketer here, and that was basically a lateral move.)

The jobs are:

JREQ138330 – Sr Marketer, Content Creation (Corp Legal)

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