Monday, November 23, 2020

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 11/21/20

One book this time: it came from the library (and was actually sitting there, on the reserve shelf, since before the last batch of library books. Quarantine restrictions made things complicated, and I had to renew it before I even picked it up the first time!)

I hope anyone who knows anything about comics already knows about this book. If not, you likely have a deeply blinkered view of what "comics" is -- it won two Eisner Awards and was probably the bestselling work of comics last year.

So, anyway, I'm finally going to read Raina Telgemeier's Guts. It's her third book of graphic autobiography, after Smile and Sisters. This book has a younger Raina, I think, than even Smile: she's in late elementary school here, those years when the worries of the world start catching up with smart, thoughtful kids and they realize just how much is going on, and how little they control or understand. My understanding is that it's a story of anxiety. And anxiety has a long history in comics, of course:

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