Friday, March 04, 2022

Quote of the Week: I Have Been Asking For Nothing Else This Very Hour

"So, then, I have learned something."

"What have you learned, my young friend?"

"That the juice of the pear improves the flavor of the meat."

"Well, but there is more, is there not?"

"Oh, I do not doubt there is more, my dear teacher."

"And then?"

"But what is it?"

"It is the first lesson. No, I tell a lie. It is the first two lessons."

"Well, then I hope you will explain them to me plainly."

"I will, and this very instant."

"Then I am listening."

"The first is, you are able to change the flavor of your food to make it more to your liking."

"Very well, I accept that. And then?"

"Whatever your circumstances, there are choices to make, and things you can change, and ways to make them better."

"Whatever my circumstances?"

"So long as there is life."

"I understand."

 - Steven Brust, The Baron of Magister Valley, p.127

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