Monday, March 14, 2022

Reviewing the Mail: Week of 3/12/22

One book this week, from the library, unexpectedly.

(But wait! You say. How can a book from the library be unexpected? Well, I put this on my hold list about a year ago, and it's sat quietly since then - I'd assumed the one copy supposedly in the system had actually been lost, but maybe someone just returned it with a whopping fine or maybe there were a lot of holds ahead of me.)

That book is Jeremy Jusay's The Strange Ones, a graphic novel that has some autobiographical elements (I think), though the character potentially based on Jusay is not the protagonist or the viewpoint character. I saw on some list of good recent GNs, I think - probably for adults, possibly for teens - put it on that hold list, and, well, half-forgot about it until the library let me know it was suddenly available.

I've actually already read it as I type this post here, but I'll leave the post-reading-the-book thoughts for its own post, as usual.

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