Saturday, November 05, 2022

Books Read: October 2022

This is an index, and it's primarily for Future Me. If you find it useful, that's a nice bonus. Links will show up later, once the posts go live. But, for right now, here's what I read this past month:

Sarah Andersen, Cryptid Club (digital, 10/1)

Roy Morris, Jr., Ambrose Bierce: Alone in Bad Company (10/1)

Pornsak Pichetshote and Alexandre Tefenkgi, The Good Asian, Vol. 2 (digital, 10/2)

Jean-Yves Ferri and Manu Larcenet, Back to Basics, Vol. 3: The Great World (digital, 10/7)

Tom Perrotta, Tracy Flick Can't Win (10/7)

Jiro Taniguchi, A Journal of My Father (10/8)

Shigeru Mizuki, Tono Monogatari (10/9)

Aude Picault, Limited Edition (digital, 10/15)

Michael Dirda, Readings (10/15)

Debbie Tung, Everything Is OK (digital, 10/16)

Nathan W. Pyle, Stranger Planet (10/21)

P.G. Wodehouse, Heavy Weather (10/21)

Matt Madden, Ex Libris (10/22)

Luciana Cimino and Sergio Algozzino, The Incredible Nelly Bly (10/23)

Josh Ritter, The Great Glorious Goddamn of It All (10/23)

Max de Ragigu├Ęs, Simon & Louise (10/24)

Elodie Durand, Parenthesis (10/29)

Ayun Halliday, No Touch Monkey! (10/29)

Lewis Trondheim and Fabrice Parme, Venezia (digital, 10/30)

Next month: more books!

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