Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears by John McNamee

Discovering something creative that you like is fun. Learning that it's over is sad. But what if you're not sure if it's over or not?

Pie Comics was (is?) a strip by John McNamee. It used to be on GoComics. It used to update regularly on Tumblr. The Tumblr page mentions a website that doesn't resolve. But there have been three collections of the series, all of which seem to have come out after the last update to the Tumblr page.

My theory - which is mine, and what it is too - is that McNamee did this strip regularly in the mid-teens, and collected it mostly after it ended, and that there will be no more. But I'd be very happy if that theory were wrong.

(I also can't find anything else by McNamee since the last Pie collection in 2020, so I hope he's working on a bigger story that will come out very soon and make us all happy and laugh and rejoice.)

I'm thinking all this because I recently found the first collection, Goldilocks and the Infinite Bears, semi-randomly in my library's digital-reading app and just read it. (The other two, unfortunately, are not also in the same app, so I'll have to search for them elsewhere.)

So: yay! This is funny and neat, in a vaguely Tom-Guald-ian way - McNamee's art style and his tone are both in the same vague space that Gauld has been working - and collects a hundred or so comics, mostly single-pagers (with a few epic two-pagers), mostly four-panel, and entirely about fairy-tale, folkloric, and other fictional creatures.

(Note: the Judeo-Christian God does show up a few times. I stand by my immediately previous statement.)

McNamee has a simplified, fun style that makes everything more amusing, and his writing is zippy and smart, too. I am happy that there are two more books to search out, and mildly optimistic that McNamee (who seems to still be pretty young - he references being in college in the Aughts) will do more Neat Stuff in the near future. If you, too, like funny comics about fairies, wizards, Godzilla, zombies, dragons, demons, Death, unicorns, Superman, and their ilk, you'll want to check it out.

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