Monday, November 28, 2022

Reviewing the Mail: Week of November 27, 2022

As I implied last week, this week I have three more books that I picked up from the shelves of a local library at the same time as last week's books. I'll start with the book that I went there to find:

The Great Glorious Goddamn of It All is the second novel by singer-songwriter Josh Ritter, after Bright's Passage back in 2012. This one is a lumberjack story, set in Ritter's native Idaho about a century back, with more than a bit of the flavor of a tall tale about it. It's narrated by the main character: he's a smart but green thirteen in the main body of the story and a cantankerous bed-ridden ninety-nine in the frame story.

Simon & Louise is a bande dessinee by Max de Radigues, about two teenagers and their bumpy love story. I understand it's told from both of their points of view and is, at least in part, about social media - it's also been translated from the French, and I've been reading a lot of books like that recently.

And Parenthesis is another BD translated from the French, by Elodie Durand. This one is closer to non-fiction, and looks like it won a bunch of awards at Angouleme its year (probably 2010, when it was originally published in France). I thought it was non-fiction, but it seems to be the kind of book closely based on the author's experience but with a main character using a different name - here "Judith."

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