Saturday, December 03, 2022

Quote of the Week: Chosen Ones

I'd never been like that as a child, a valued member of the pack, showered with affection, protected by the safety of numbers. I'd always been a party of one, set apart from the other kids by the conviction - I possessed it from a very early age - that I was destined for something bigger than they were, a future that mattered. I didn't believe that anymore - how could I, my life being what it was - but I remembered the feeling, almost like I'd been anointed by some higher authority, and I missed it sometimes. It had been an adventure, growing up like that, knowing in my blood that something amazing was waiting for me in the distance, and that I just needed to keep moving forward in order to claim it.

 - Tom Perrotta, Tracy Flick Can't Win, p.6

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