Thursday, December 29, 2022

Today I Learned

...that Blogger quarantines comments - some? all? most? any it doesn't like? it's not clear - and does not actually notify the owner of the blog that it has done so.

In related news, I've just approved about a half-dozen actual comments, going back to early this year the middle of last year, and cleared out the rest of the "awaiting moderation" queue, which were actually spam as one would expect.

This insight was brought to you by a real comment on yesterday's post that I saw in my email - Blogger emails me some of the time when there's a comment, but now I realize not consistently - but did not see on the blog, and so I went to investigate. That one Blogger had triumphantly marked as spam, not even "awaiting moderation." I am not as worried about our impending AI overlords as much as I might have been a day ago.

I apologize to those who commented and didn't see it appear: it's all my fault. Your very old comments are now live, for all the good it will do any of us. I hope to check that filter more often in the future.

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