Monday, December 12, 2022

Reviewing the Mail: Week of December 10, 2022

So this is an odd one. I've had books that came in the mail as review copies, books I bought, books other people bought me as presents, and books borrowed from the library. This time out, I have a book sent to me by my employer, somewhere between a present and homework.

Even more interesting, it was published from my previous employer,  Wiley, back in 2018. (After I left, but not ages after I left.) I suspect that whoever edited this book - I can't find a notice on the copyright page or buried in the Acknowledgments - just might be someone I vaguely knew from my years there. I still don't know if I'm going to find time to read this, but I'm connected to it in more ways than usual.

The book is The Storytelling Edge, by Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow of the marketing-services company Contently. (My group at work uses some of their stuff, for full disclosure. I've been nowhere near any decision-making process.) It is a business book, all about how to use storytelling to connect with customers and prospects.

And usually I'm really cynical, especially about business books, but that's what I try to do at work, all day long every day - it's my job these days. I do think it's important, and complicated, and difficult. So I might have to read this book to see if I agree with how these guys say to go about it.

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