Monday, November 06, 2006

Book-A-Day #112 (11/5): Dropsie Avenue by Will Eisner

The third of the books included in The Contract With God Trilogy is a century-spanning look at Dropsie Avenue (site of the events of the first two books). The story starts in 1870 and runs through what seems to be the present day (1995, when it was published) -- and it's mostly a tale of misery, woe, human nastiness, and unreasoning prejudice.

I didn't think it was quite as successful as the first two books -- it covers a very long time-period, with lots of characters, and the stereotyping is even more obvious here than in the first two books -- but I have to admit I read it very late at night, in spurts in between packing things. So it may not have gotten as much of my attention as it deserved.

It's something like a non-fantastic, North-American, comics version of One Hundred Years of Solitude, if you can imagine that. Except less focused on one family. And with a lot more dialect.

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