Thursday, November 30, 2006

Book-A-Day #137 (11/30): Ex Machina, Vol. 4: March To War by Brian K. Vaughan and various artists

I made a comic-shop run on the way home (in part to get the kids' comics to keep the Things occupied during the parent-teacher conferences tonight -- I usually have at least two or three reason for doing anything, which makes my life exhausting), and this was one of the things for me. (The others: Kim Deitch's Shadowland, the new Zippy the Pinhead book, Gilbert Hernandez's Luba: Three Daughters, and the new ACME Novelty Library. The boys got a pile of comics for their evening of sitting in the hall at their school, and a few digests have been added to my pile of special-occasion treats for them.)

I'm getting solidly into Midnight Tides now -- I find Erikson's books take a while for me to read my way into, since they have casts of hundreds and a lot of odd names -- but I still won't finish it for nearly another week, which gives me a somewhat lackadaisical attitude about getting back to it. (Especially since I am still finishing something every day.)

Anyway, this was short, and brand new, so I read it right away. (So I'm almost just like all of those comics bloggers who run out and get their new comics every Wednesday when the stores open and post reviews by nightfall.) The "Mayor Hundred really deeply cares about something, but doesn't want to talk about it" plots are getting a bit repetitive, but I still like the characterization. This world doesn't seem as alternate as I'd expect it to be, though, and I would like to see it go a bit more science-fictional and less political. (But, then again, I would, wouldn't I?)

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