Saturday, November 11, 2006

Incoming Books: Week of November 11

This batch covers books that I brought home from World Fantasy and didn't bring straight into the office (there's about five of those, as I recall) -- it doesn't mean they'll never have anything to do with work, but it doesn't look like work right at the moment. There's also some things I found at work and brought home to read personally; my company has numerous discard shelves filled with the oddest books imaginable.

It's a total of eleven books this week, of which I've now read two (one before it was published and one just today) -- again, not a good plan for the health of my bookshelves.

I've got some art this time (Amphigorey Again and John Picacio's Cover Story), the new translation of The Three Musketeers, the two Owly books (discarded by someone at my office, and probably destined for the bookshelves of one of the Things), some odd bits, and the usual SFF stuff (Majestrum, Zima Blue and Other Stories, Mad Professor).

So the count for the week is: read seven, brought in eleven. Plus four. N.V.G. (If I go all Bridget Jones-y about it.)

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