Friday, December 02, 2005

The Genre Definition Wars Re-Ignite

I've just typed a couple of (probably rather dull) paragraphs about this for the SFBC blog that doesn't exist yet. (It's a word file on my work computer at the moment, though it is now twenty-two pages long. It had better turn into something real soon, or I will be forced to take extreme measures.) So I don't really feel like repeating myself, though I do think that, on the Internet as in SF, everything should be linked to everything else.

Luckily, SF Signal has a useful round-up of the state of play as of this morning.

I think Vandermeer is overlooking the fact that Chiang is talking about tendencies (and, much more importantly, fiction rather than real life), but I have to love those Socratic Dialogues with an Evil Monkey. They make me want to read more of his fiction, which I guess is the real point of a writer's blog anyway.

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