Friday, December 16, 2005

That Random iPod Thing All the Cool Kids Were Doing Last Year

This is probably now hopelessly lame and out-of-date, but it's Friday, I actually have my iPod in front of me and a blog window open, so, damn it, I'm going to post the first ten random songs that come up:

1) "Sir Lanka Sex Hotel," Dead Milkmen
2) "Both Ends Burning," Richard Thompson
3) "I'm Not in Love (live)," Talking Heads
4) "Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More," The Wonder Stuff
5) "End of the Season," The Kinks
6) "Dilbert Zone," Danny Elfman
7) "Dead End Street," The Kinks
8) "Girl on the Wing," The Shins
9) "One Way Or Another," Blondie
10) "Lounge," Modest Mouse

Feel free to point and laugh...


Anonymous said...

I would point and laugh only if you had Dilbert Zone and not Forbidden Zone.

Andrew Wheeler said...

I do have Forbidden Zone (though it didn't come up in that random shuffle, obviously), and I'll raise you Pico & Sepulveda.

The one that makes me cringe is the Blondie song -- I only have four random songs of theirs, from compliations of things, but that's what random means, isn't it?

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