Thursday, December 01, 2005

Other Books Read in November

I hope to do this at the beginning of each month: round up the other things I read over the past month and comment on them or not. I was going to give the dates I finished each book, but no one but me could possibly care, and I already have that written down in my notebook. It is in chronological order, though.
  • Walter Jon Williams, Incarnation Day
    This is a cheat; it's a novella (probably a novelette, actually). But I did read it as a stand-alone thing, since it fell out of the anthology it was written for and was available for a similar SFBC anthology. (I'm not sure what the status is right now, so I'm being very vague.)
  • C.J. and Erica Henderson, Baby's First Mythos
    A Lovecraftian children's book I found at WFC. It's not quite as funny as it thinks it is (and some of the rhymes don't really work), but it is a major hoot. It was actually shorter than the previous entry, but has already been published as a book all its own, for what that's worth.
  • Jim Butcher, Summer Knight
  • Gahan Wilson, The Man in the Cannibal Pot
  • George Booth, Think Good Thoughts About a Pussycat
  • Jim Butcher, Death Masks
  • Cathy and Arnie Fenner, editors, Spectrum 12: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
    It's always been a wonderful annual, but it's even better in the slightly larger format they went to with last year's edition.
  • Jim Butcher, Blood Rites
  • Gideon Haigh, The Uncyclopedia
  • Bob Fingerman, You Deserved It
    A short collection of minor comics by the guy who did the excellent graphic novel Beg the Question, and (I'm beginning to think) nothing else really good at all. Maybe he's working on something major now; I hope so.
  • Karen Traviss, Star Wars: Republic Commando: Hard Contact
  • Laurell K. Hamilton, Micah
  • Matt Howarth, Keif Llama: Particle Dreams
  • Greg Bear, Quantico
  • Playboy Helmut Newton
  • Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima, Samurai Executioner, Volume 5: Ten Fingers, One Life


RobB said...

Damn thats a lot in one month. Do Butcher's DRESDEN novels hold up well later in the series? I've just acquired the first.

Andrew Wheeler said...

I'm liking the Dresden books just as much now as the first one -- there are things that have annoyed me about the series the whole way along, but I'm cranky that way. If you like the first one, you should like the first six, as far as I can tell.

And I thought I've been slacking off, actually -- I didn't read nearly as much this month as I wanted to.

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