Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hey! The Street Found Its Own Use for My Stuff!

I've been meaning to ask here -- since I think there are some folks out there more knowledgeable than I am about these things -- how I would go about copying or syndicating this blog onto LiveJournal. (I've been especially thinking about it since last week, when I actually signed up on LJ so I can comment as myself over there.)

Well, to my surprise, I just discovered that Antick Musings already is syndicated on LiveJournal. This might possibly be a useful piece of information to any of you who use LJ. (I guess this means there might be people "friending" me that I don't know about.)

Similarly, there's a LJ feed for the SFBC blog.

Once again, we have a lesson in modern connectivity: if it's up on the 'Net, it can be anywhere and seen by anyone.


Anonymous said...

Bah this is Lee thompson and i wish to hell everyone would see this is JUST ROLEPLAY but no everyone wants to know about sex, well F*** all the dirty horible sad lived gits who want to judge me, I am proud of who I am and if you wanna complain to me do it in person to as you all just pissing me off now

Andrew Wheeler said...

Lee, darling? I think you either had the wrong window open when you posted this, or it's time to go back on your meds.

Word Verification Thingy: brzii, a nasty alcoholic beverage, common among Azerbijani peasants, made from fermenting pig milk.

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