Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 5/30

I cam back from a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with the family (about which more later, maybe) to find one package here and one slicker on my door saying that DHL tried to deliver something. I also ran out to the Post Office to pick up something that needed a signature (and has been there almost a week). On top of that, another package came in on Saturday that I neglected to mention. So I now have:
  • A year's worth of a small-press criticalzine
  • a second copy of a novella-in-book-form
  • an anthology that looks very familiar but which I couldn't find in my stacks during a quick search
  • and a couple of other photocopied stories.
And the official deadline is Thursday, which means I'm nearly at the end; I think I'm going to miss getting all this mail. The unruly piles of books all over the place -- not so much.

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