Monday, May 22, 2006

The Moment I've Been Waiting For Is Here!

The SFBC blog is up and running. There's not much there yet, since I only started typing anything for it on Friday.

All of my general announcements (deaths, awards, fires, floods and acts of Ghod) will now be posted over there instead of here, unless I'm planning to say something personal about it. (And then the personal stuff will be here.)

To reiterate: this is my personal blog; it's completely unofficial. Nothing I say here means anything besides my own personal views. The other place is official, and I hope I can drag more members of the SFBC team to post there so I don't have to do it all myself.

The new SFBC blog is still a baby; the design will be tweaked quite a bit in coming weeks, I expect, and we want to get a blogroll in there as well. But, for now, it's up and it works -- and it's part of a family of bookclub blogs, which is nicely collegial.

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