Friday, February 12, 2010

Punk Quote of the Week

At this very moment, I'm on a train pulling out of Hoboken. So, in honor of my not working any more for the week, here's a quote about something more fun than work:

"I formed or joined a slew of different but always awful bands with memorable names such as Night Creatures, the News, Prussia (what the fuck!), and the Fast Colours. Truly woeful outfits that would rehearse in garages. They were literally garage bands, and they had the trademark of all fledgling rock outfits, the one kid crowbarred into the group despite playing a hopelessly inappropriate instrument (flute/oboe/accordion) because his father had a car and was willing to ferry our instruments to practice. You have never heard "Anarchy in the U.K." butchered until you hear it with a clarinet solo."
- Craig Ferguson, American on Purpose, pp.63-64

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