Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Triumphant Return of Book-A-Day!

OK, this is getting ridiculous. The pile of books that I've read but not written about has now ballooned to twenty-one -- and this after I'd gotten it down to a mere one book (The Magicians by Lev Grossman) at the end of 2009. It's clear I need to do something to shake myself up and keep this particular pile from falling over and killing me.

(The piles of unread books, of course, are much taller, and one of them does regularly threaten to fall on my head. But that's a risk I'm prepared to take.)

So I'm restarting Book-A-Day, though with slightly different rules this time:

1) I will post about a book that I've read every day from today through whenever I give up.

2) I will not necessarily finish reading a book every single day (since I already have a twenty-one book head start), but I expect to read about as many books as there are days, more or less.

3) Many of these books will be comics/manga/graphic novels of one kind or another, as they were the last time around. I don't consider that cheating.

4) Any other reviews I may do (such as my column in Realms of Fantasy) will be in addition to Book-A-Day.

(The first series of Book-A-Day, examined here, ran from July 17, 2006 through February 1, 2007, for a total of 200 days. I make no promises as to how long I'll go this time, but I have the usual male impulse to always better my last "score.")

Book-A-Day 2010: The Epic Index

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