Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Another Signal Sighted

The proximate cause of this post is to inform you that I was part of a "Mind Meld" by SF Signal, in which I (and a bunch of other people, including Mike Resnick, Steven Silver, and Ross Lockhart) were asked the musical question
What are your favorite SF/F books/movies/TV shows/comics/etc. that you consumed in 2011?
I got through "books," realized I'd written nearly 800 words already, and decided to silently ignore the rest. (All I watch on TV is Big Bang Theory and Late Late Show anyway, so that wouldn't have been much of a list.)

That post went up in the wee hours of the night last night, and I'm only just getting to blog about it now because this week has been busy! It's the seasonal Sales Conference at my employer, the ancient and respected house of Wiley, which means I've spent the last few rainy and dark days in a hotel on the Jersey City waterfront, talking to various sales reps about lots and lots of projects that you folks would be bored silly to hear about.

(And then my older son got in a kerfuffle at school today -- he's thirteen, which is one-half of the explanation, and the only half you'll get -- which took more time after I finally got home.)

I really do want to keep Antick Musings from being yet another occasionally-updated blog about how some dude really wants to blog but has no time -- I know we all hate those -- but it's an easy habit to fall into. I wish my current reading project -- getting current on the New Yorker by the end of the year -- was more conducive to blogging. (At one point, a potential project in the back of my head was to take a month to read my backlog of New York Review of SF -- I kept up my subscription for about three years after I stopped actually having time to read it -- reading one issue a day and then posting about it. I never got around to that, possibly because reviewing old reviews would have been too meta, and now I can't, since those old NYRSFs perished in the flood.)

Anyway, I've got nearly two weeks off at the end of the year; if I can't manage to blog regularly then, there's clearly something wrong with me.

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Harry Connolly said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning Circle of Enemies over at SF Signal. I appreciate it.

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