Thursday, December 29, 2011

Something I Won't Be Doing

I had a dummy post, sitting in Blogger as a draft, under the title "Shelf Porn." The idea was that I'd take a picture of one of my shelves and write a quick bit about each of the books (or maybe just authors/series) on that shelf, since I keep wanting to write about books I read in the past and haven't done that as well as I'd liked.

I am about to delete that dummy post now, and forget the entire idea, since all of those shelves were lost in the flood, and what I have now is pretty thin and entirely recent -- so it's mostly unread and probably all already mentioned here once already.

On the other hand, I'm now 99% settled into my new basement office -- it's what I've been doing over the past week almost nonstop, with brief breaks for holiday frivolity -- and maybe I'll actually get some relaxation out of this vacation before it's time to go back to work. (One can only hope!)

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