Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today's Stupidly Reductive Quote

From a Wall Street Journal article about e-book prices, from some random shmoe-off-the-street:
It's hard to justify the purchase of e-books that are priced at $10 to $15 when you can buy the real book on Amazon used for $2 or $3.
 Compare this to equally truthful pearls of wisdom:
  • It's hard to justify the purchase of a couch that is priced at $300 to $2000 when you can buy it from Goodwill for $20.
  • It's hard to justify the purchase of dinner for $50 when you can get it from the restaurant's Dumpster for free.
  • It's hard to justify paying rent when you have so many family members to mooch off of.
Feel free to use this line of thinking in all aspects of your daily life! Never buy anything again!


    The Brillig Blogger said...

    And unless the seller fulfills thru Amazon, you can't buy the book used for $2 or $3 because the postage alone is $4, and for most newer books Amazon suggests the used price be set to net just a few cents below the price for buying the book new so as to encourage people to buy the new copy from Amazon.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, but all your examples seem absurd because we're supposed to infer that the higher priced item is of an inherently superior quality. With books, it's 95% sheer content. So, yeah, if the content of the ebook is the same as the content of a cheaper, physical book, there seems to be a legitimate question of the item's value.

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