Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merging the Streams

I have just -- if I did it right -- merged the RSS feed for my Tumblr blog, Hornswogglets, into the RSS feed for this very blog, the mothership.

If I did it wrong, I expect something will blow up very soon.

So now I'm off to find something to blog on Tumblr to see how it's working. Wish me luck.

Update, several hours later: Well, the thing I actually did wasn't the thing I thought I was doing (or that I wanted to do), so I've undone it.

It turns out that there's no easy way to combine feeds -- there are some tools that do it, but they're all from 2007, so I suspect they might not be entirely supported these days.

So my feeds will remain separate. But, just to let you know what they are, here are links to the feeds for Antick Musings (this blog), for Hornswogglets (my tumblr blog, with all of the short linky posts that don't go here anymore), and for Editorial Explanations (a much more active blog in which I make fun of and/or explain the hidden meanings of editorial cartoons.)

All three of those also feed into my Twitter stream, which then flows down to the ocean of Facebook. (And I semi-mean the effluent metaphor lurking in the back of your heads now.)

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Anonymous said...

Yahoo Pipes used to do it quite well, but I suspect that may have been the ancient tool you attempted.

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