Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Read in December

As usual, this post will fall somewhere between a list of links to actual posts about the books I read and a quick rundown of those books here. And, as I type this early in the month, I don't know which will be true. Also, there's a strong chance that I will not manage to cover everything before this month actually ends, since that's the way things have been going recently. But here's what I read this month, and moderately deep thoughts about those books will be available, here or elsewhere, at some point.

James Kochalka, American Elf, Book Four (12/2)

Terry Pratchett, Dodger (12/3)

Bill Willingham, et. al., Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland (12/10)

Julian Barnes, Through the Window (12/10)

Lois McMaster Bujold, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (12/17)

Stephan Pastis, Pearls Freaks the #*%# Out (12/28)

Wow, that was a slim month, wasn't it!

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