Monday, January 07, 2013

Reviewing the Mail: week of 1/5/13

Actually, what with Big Publishing being more-or-less closed last week (many of the houses officially close between Christmas and New Year's, and the ones that don't are generally ghost towns anyway), there was no mail from publishing companies for me.

I know -- what a calamity! It's so sad when the flow of completely free stuff is even slightly halted, and I'm sure several online review chappies are bitterly bemoaning those horrible, evil publishers right now, because they are complete morons who don't know how good they have it. Luckily, I am made of sterner stuff, and also have some perspective on the world.

So, instead, this week I'll tell you about a book that didn't come in the mail. As usual, there were some gifts coming into the Hornswoggler household that were surplus to needs -- as in, we already had them. Two were books for the estimable Thing 2, and another item was for me. Through the magic of exchange, Thing 2 and I went to a physical store -- yes, I know! like an artifact from a completely different era! -- and got new products, which we desired, to replace the duplicates.

And what I got is At the Mountains of Madness. It was adapted from the Lovecraft novella by I.N.J. Culbard, who also did the art. (Culbard is also an animation director, and, in comics, seems to specialize in adaptations from classic literature -- prior works include several Holmes stories and The Picture of Dorian Gray, all of which were written by Ian Edginton.) Mountains was published by Sterling -- a fine publishing company that was bought by B&N a few years back (and put up for sale abortively about a year ago) -- in February of 2012, after a prior edition from SelfMadeHero in the UK. I haven't really looked at it yet, but the cover is impressively moody, and the art inside looks solid in a classic British-adventure style.

Next week, with luck, will see more books -- but that's all on publishers deciding that they want to send me free stuff, and I hope I'll always be grateful for that. See you then.

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