Saturday, January 07, 2023

Quote of the Week: New Kid in Town

Hemlock Towers then stood empty once more, and gossip soon turned to who might become the new tenants. There were several false leads, of course - an Argentinian couple on the run from the police; someone who looked a lot like Rick Astley; a National Geographic photographer; a barrister convicted of embezzlement; a retired trapeze artist; someone else who looked like Rick Astley but did, in fact, turn out to be Rick Astley; another National Geographic photographer, unrelated to the first in an improbably coincidence. All came to nought, and it wasn't for another fortnight that word of the new tenants came to me by way of Mrs Griswold, who when she wasn't being a supremely lacklustre Stanley Baldwin ran the corner shop and post office.

 - Jasper Fforde, The Constant Rabbit, p.52

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