Sunday, January 22, 2023

Reviewing the Mail: Week of January 21, 2023

My plan, this year, is that "Reviewing the Mail" (and maybe similar things) will appear on Sundays, when they appear. It's not going to be a dedicated slot, as it was in the past - I don't get books on an industrial scale the way I did when I worked in publishing. (This is entirely normal and natural; I've never made more than the tiniest effort to keep getting review copies.)

I got a package from the fine folks at Tachyon this week, and so I'm going to tell you about them.

The Scarlet Circus is the third in a series of somewhat-themed retrospective short story collections from Jane Yolen. This one focuses on romance, and follows 2017's The Emerald Circus and 2020's The Midnight Circus. It collects eleven stories, going as far back as 1976 but including some new work as well, and each story has story notes and a somewhat related poem, almost all of which is brand-new as well.

And I got another copy of David Sandner and Jacob Weisman's novelette Hellhounds, which I should note is actually published by Fairwood Press. (Weisman is the proprietor of Tachyon, which is probably why it came to me that way.) This is something of a sequel to Mingus Fingers, by the same authors, and both are weird fantastika stories about music that I don't think I can be clear about since I haven't read them. I mean "weird" in at least two senses, there. Probably more. More is better.

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