Sunday, January 29, 2023

Reviewing the Mail: Week of January 28, 2023

This week I have two library books to write about, and these are them:

Kid Gloves, Lucy Knisley's 2019 book about her pregnancy. My library system has had a hard time getting it to me - I feel like I've had a hold on it, on and off, since publication - which might imply it was really popular, or might just imply there's only one or two copies in the system, and one of them got lost for a while. (Who knows!) This is something of a sequel to Something New, her 2017 book about getting married, but all of Knisley's graphic novels to this point were memoirs of one kind or another, so I could call them all "sequels" if I wanted to. Having a baby seems to have launched her into the wider world of books for kids - I see she's done a few picture books since then and has started a middle-grade GN series - which just shows how kids always upend your life, in ways you don't expect.

It Won't Always Be Like This is another graphic memoir by a young woman, Malaka Gharib. Well, I should back up: it's a memoir of when Gharib was young, and largely, I think, about her relationship with her father and his life in Egypt when she was a teenager, but I have no idea how old Gharib is now. She could be older than me! (I hope not.) This was on a best-of-the-year list or two for '22, which is how I heard about it and why I wanted to read it.

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