Sunday, April 16, 2006

BSFA Award Winners

I noticed this at Locus Online, which linked to Cheryl Morgan's report at Emerald City:

Artwork - Pawel Lewandowski for the cover of Interzone #200
Short Fiction - Kelly Link for "Magic for Beginners"
Novel - Geoff Ryman for Air
BSFA Non-Fiction - Gary K. Wolfe for Soundings
Doc Weir Award - Steve Lawson
Richard Evans Award - Pat Cadigan

According to this page, the Novel, Artwork, and Short Fiction awards are voted by the membership of the British Science Fiction Association and the membership of Eastercon (the British national SF convention, held in Glasgow this year). A comment on Cheryl's report said that the Non-Fiction award was decided by unspecified judges.

The Doc Weir Award is voted on by the membership of Eastercon, and it seems to be roughly the British equivalent of the "Big Heart" award at Worldcon: it goes to a fan who's done good things for his friends and fandom in general.

And the Richard Evans Award is basically a "writer we think should be better known" prize. It's also a judged award, but it's not clear if these were the same judges as the Non-Fiction award.

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niall said...

The judges for the non-fiction award were myself, Geneva Melzack, and Steve Jeffrey (full statement here). I don't know who the judges for the Richard Evans award were, but they weren't us.

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