Monday, December 24, 2007

Hornswoggling My Way Through 2007

Just like I did last year, here are the first sentences of each month, as reported here at Antick Musings. Since I've seen other people do a first-and-last this year, I figured I'd try that as well, so here are the sentences that began and ended months at Hornswoggler Central for 2007:

"I did this last year, and it was an interesting exercise, so I'm doing it again: here are my favorite books for each month of this past year, with some runners-up where necessary."
"I'm impressed."

"As I was replying to Molly Moloney's comment on my Harry Potter post, and looking again at The Tensor's replies to the SF Book Meme, I realized that there's a third kind of thing that could be called Urban Fantasy. "
"OK, those are mine. What are yours?"

"Yet another silly meme, which I noticed when Keith R.A. DeCandido did it:"
"I may need to become a bit pickier..."

"Instead of doing an "Also Read in March" post, I've decided to do one listing everything, with links to the ones I've talked about already and a line or two about the books that didn't get their own posts."

"My opinions on cover art are pretty well known by now, so I'll refrain from any commentary. But I think you can imagine what I'd say..."

"The top story in the "Local" section of my paper this morning was about Joseph DeStefano, who had just plead guilty to shooting an auto shop owner in 1992."
"He has my personal best wishes as well."

"The support and kind words from a whole lot of people -- many of whom don't even know me -- about my current situation have been very helpful and gratifying and more than a little surprising."
"(I've already lopped a good two feet off of the top of one of them, this month.)"

"Pure Ducky Goodness is the first collection of the Sheldon strip -- which, if I've got things correctly, started as a newspaper strip but has recently transitioned to web-only. "
"What a slacker I've become!"

"Nicholas Sica, the Art Director for the Science Fiction Book Club for the last several years, was nominated for a Chelsey Award this year in the "Best Art Director" category."
"I'm not saying that Estleman needs to completely break away from that paradigm, but...Walker has been around for nearly thirty years and twenty books, so it's high time for him to have something in his life besides the latest murder."

"This is the third in the massive eight-volume series retelling the history of Siddhartha, who is given the title "Buddha" on the second-to-last page of this book."
"But it's still very funny, and a great example of what a good cartoonist can achieve without words."

"The second treasury collection of the Pearls Before Swine newspaper strip continues the commentary on the strips (introduced in the first treasury, Sgt. Piggy's Lonely Hearts Club Comic) by the creator, Stephan Pastis."
"So this is Emily Litella saying 'Never mind.'"

"I neglected to make a "I'm heading off to WFC" post, so this is my "I've made it to WFC" post."
" could use this here handy-dandy box, and send those nickels to me. Y'know, if you were going to buy something anyway."


"I'm flying to New Orleans later today, and my kids are demanding lunch, so I think I'm out of here for now."

And the last sentence for December is not yet written, so I'll have to end there.

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