Monday, November 07, 2005

Drowning in Books

Madison has some nice used book stores; I found three just wandering around town, so there's probably more than that. I bought stuff at two of them, and also bought some books at the dealer's room at World Fantasy as well.

So, incoming books from the weekend were:

    The Man in the Cannibal Pot by Gahan Wilson
    The Green Man by Kingsley Amis
    Men in Black by Scott Spencer
    Candy by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg
    A Spy in the Family by Alec Waugh
    Domestic Manners of the Americans by Mrs. Frances Trollope
    Baby's First Mythos by C.J. and Erica Henderson
    Now We Are Sick edited by Neil Gaiman and Stephen Jones
    The Black Stranger and Other American Tales by Robert E. Howard
    A Talent to Annoy by Nancy Mitford
    Trujillo and Other Stories by Lucius Shepard
    The Brideshead Generation by Humphrey Carpenter
    Star Changes by Clark Ashton Smith
    Horrible Imaginings by Fritz Leiber

Several of those are officially "for work," so I don't really intend to read them myself (at least not right away). So it's not quite as bad as it looks, but it's certainly a case of more books coming in than will ever go out.

I also brought home two books that I'd had in my office (I have a pile there, which gets bigger and smaller as I pick things up on our various giveaway bookshelves and lug them home) : The Gate of the Gods by Martha Wells and Divided by a Common Language by Christopher Davies.

In a good week, I can read three or four "real" books. The math is not in my favor.

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